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Dental Insurance Plan (DIP)

Good dental care is important for your health and appearance throughout your whole life. Accidents can cause you to have to pay large dental bills, but even checkups may result in the discovery of poor dental health that needs immediate attention. Dental insurance takes that weight off your mind, knowing that you will not have to pay large dental expenses out of the blue, and knowing that your dental health care is in safe hands.

Dental insurance in the UK

A recent report* showed that nearly half the people in the UK are not registered with a NHS dentist. Whether your dentist is private or NHS, the bills can soon mount up. You never know what kind of dental treatment you or your family may need - what starts as a check-up could lead to something far more costly. Affordable dental insurance is the sensible precaution to ensure that there’s help when you need it the most.

*source: Health Insurance Magazine


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Dental health care

The cause of tooth loss in most adults is not due to tooth decay, it's due to gum disease. Keeping your gums healthy is very important, as they cover, support and protect the bones that hold your teeth in. Interdental health care is a good way of maintaining healthy gums and reducing the risk of gum disease. More...

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